It’s good to have a website integrated with the coolest and latest features but sometimes it takes a toll on the website in various ways. Creating a website with a simple design can be very advantageous to the site owner. Simple doesn’t always mean that your website will lack all the cool features and attractiveness that entices the viewers; it will just get rid of unnecessary elements that have a bad effect on your website.

There are many advantages with a simple web design. First of all, the website becomes easier to navigate. Navigation is made simpler because of the absence of clutter and the web pages are fewer in number. Most people prefer a website with a simple design because it is easy to understand and familiarize.

Simple design also means smaller file sizes that allows the website to load faster. A website that is easy to navigate and loads fast can greatly contribute to user experience.

A simple website can also easily determine if there is a problem. Problems are also easily solved because there are only a few style sheets for web designers to trace. Also, simple web designs allow web designers to easily construct and build a great website. Sometimes, there are also websites that appear simple but are actually really complex. Color choices can be quite deceptive. You would think that having simple color choices means simple web design but this is not entirely true. The simplicity of the design is determined by its usability and the minimum elements that the site is integrated with.

In creating a simple website, you should first ask this simple question: what is important? What is not?

Remove decorative elements that have no relevance or unnecessary to the website. They only add to the loading weight of cluttered websites. You don’t have to remove all the decorative elements; otherwise, your site would look dull. Remove only the ones that have no important functions.

Make sure that the backend of your web site is the same as your frontend. Sometimes, there are websites who focus only on the frontend of the website. This is wrong because it will leave the backend all cluttered up and back to being inefficient. Rather than have a simple design that is quick, if the backend structure and programming isn’t well organized, you’ll probably just end up with simple and slow site.

A simple website can be very advantageous; especially those who wish to make business with an online audience that wants to get what they’re looking for fast and hassle free. Some business sites like that of Landscapia have integrated simplicity to their web design. This will enable potential clients to make easier business and inquiries with the company. They can easily sell their products, artificial grass for example. You only need great content and a good design and features and then you are all set.