Importance Of Typography

If you have a laser vision correction service website in Liverpool then it is very important that typography should be considered in web design. In order to succeed online, content marketing is important to make sure you retain your existing clients, get new customers daily and generate more leads and profit for the business. It is vital that not only should the content be gold but also the typography used should be well thought of. This part of the web design is often neglected without the website owner realizing that it plays an important role especially in making a name for your business and getting the message across. For an eye surgery website, this is crucial because the target customers are more likely those who have eye condition and typography should be considered greatly.

Typography tackles how texts are placed in a page and how it is done creatively. It also helps in highlighting the website’s them and makes it more beautiful. There are cases where simple black text are required in order to give the website what it needs but in advertising, the color as well as the font should be considered immensely. There are sentences that sometimes get your attention while browsing online and most of these can be attributed to typography.

Here are the elements that make up typography:

– Typefaces. This is the most basic element and it is the name of the text style that is used. Some of the most common typefaces used are Arial and Georgia.

– Fonts. Fonts are different from typefaces. A typeface is simply Georgia while a font is italicized, size 12, Georgia. The term is often used interchangeably with typeface that most people have gotten used to it.

– Tracking or letter spacing. This is the space that should be considered between two characters. While the standard is often used, it can be changed in order to make your text denser.

– Kerning. This might be mistakes as tracking too but it specifically points to the white space that is found between the letters as well as characters.

– Line length. The length of the text found from right to left of a single line. This can be adjusted by changing the margin of the page.

– Leading. This is the line followed by texts such as the one above a particular text and the one below it.