Perhaps one of the best aspects of the job as a freelance illustrator is map-making. If you are tasked to create maps, you virtually travel across the world and visit places where you never have been. If you are a freelance illustrator and are looking to create a map, you can start by looking at Google “My Places” map. Here are some suggested tips for you from the pros:

  • Log into Google and click Maps. Next, click the My Places buttons and then click “Create Maps” button.
  • Give your map a name and then choose it to become “Unlisted” or “Public”. After, you can click “Done”.
  • Now, you can search for a location with the help of the search box button and then hit “Save to My Maps.” From there, you can choose the kind of map you want to save it to and then view the map.
  • When you have already saved the locations on the map, you can click the “Edit” button and then click the place that you want to edit in your list. A callout box will then appear on the map which will allow you to change the title of the location and description and style of the pin and even the color.
  • Once you have already set up and have installed Google Earth, you can choose to look at different locations in “Satellite” mode or the “Street View” and then go for the “Earth” view from your browser in order to fly in and then get a feel for the topography of the city as well as the heights of the building.
  • Next stop is to a download a KML file in the map and this is done by clicking the KML link or the icon for Google Earth which is found under the title of the map. You can now double click the file in order to launch Google Earth on your system with the map preloaded.

You can also do illustrated maps which are considered a very challenging work. Indeed when the hurdle is overtaken, you will feel very accomplished.