Website is an important component of online marketing strategy for any business. The website helps to attract visitors and convert them into positive business leads by providing them with the required information about the products or services provided by a company. A website should be professional and up-to-date in order to engage the visitors and turn them into loyal followers. Here are some of the critical elements that determine the success of a business.

Quality content

Content is the top most priority for the users. Website of a business should provide appropriate and well researched content that is suitable for the target audience. High quality content in the website allows you to portray a professional image and build trust in prospective customers. The content should also contain the necessary keywords that are commonly used by the customers while searching for your products or services. A keyword rich content allows the business website to get high rankings in search engines.  For instance, team building companies should provide the visitors information about the different tem building activities and programmes, latest developments and research about the effects of team building and the benefits of hiring the company.

Attractive design

A website should have simple yet attractive design. The different elements like images, content, code and art should complement each other and lift the visual appeal of the website. The background colour of the page should perfectly contrast with the colour of the content so that it becomes easy to read. The pictures and videos should add to the content and should not distract the visitors away from it. Visitors will judge the quality of the page in the initial few seconds and they leave the page, if they find it cluttered and hard to read.


Easy navigation is a critical feature that determines the success of a website. Visitors should find the information they are looking for, easily. The homepage should contain easy links that lead the visitors to the information they are searching for. The homepage should have tabs in simple language used by the visitors to search for the information.

Contact information

The website should provide contact information of the business. Users should be able to easily access the different forms that are required to contact the company or subscribe to the mailing list of the company. For example, the website for team building companies should have the contact numbers and email id of the firm right on top of the homepage so that viewers can easily find the information.