Some dieters are getting frustrated nowadays because no matter what they do, no matter which diet plan they choose, no matter what food they avoid with all those temptations, they are not getting the body they’ve always dreamed of. They probably spent a lot of hours and bucks in the gym and yet they are not losing a pound. They feel heavy. They are tired. Now, there are a lot of supplements that can easily be purchased over the counter which promise weight loss and sexier body to customers. There are other plans that can be employed for the aid of weight reduction. An example of this diet is the HCG weight loss plan. Before anything else, HCG, or human chronic gonadotropin hormone can be found inside the placenta during the first few stages of a woman’s pregnancy.

For HCG weight loss to work, you will be injected or will be asked to take in HCG drops. That will make your metabolism shut down for a few moments then when you start eating again, you will notice the decreasing level of calorie you are eating. This because HCG will now force you to only take in 500 calories per day. According to those who have experienced in taking HCG supplements, you will not feel hungry despite the significant drop in the calorie that you are taking in on a daily basis. According to these claims, taking HCG will make you drop a pound every day. Now, study proves that the weight drop cannot be contributed to the presence of the HCG hormone. The weight loss, first and foremost is caused by the dangerous drop of the calorie you are taking in every day. This is very dangerous because a drop in your calorie intake will drop your performance level in almost everything you do.  At any point, you will start feeling hungry and get back to your old eating habits. And it will ruin your body, again.

HCG weight loss, no matter how manufacturers try make it sound healthy, will not and will never work practically because it has more risks than the benefits it presents.