There are some common technologies used today in the creation dynamic and interactive web pages. Scripts are used when web pages have to be more dynamic because it allows customizing content based on user input. Depending on where they will be executed, scripts are categorized as client-side and server-side.

Client-side scripts

Client-side scripts are executed on the user’s web browser. They are found in the source code of the web pages that use them. The scripts are contained between <script> and </script> tags as well as on the external file like CSS. In such cases, you will find them in <script> tag that includes src attribute linking to the script file.

One of the most common client-side scripting languages is JavaScript because it works well in all browsers.  VBScript is another client-side language that was developed by Microsoft however; it is not supported in other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Browser support is one of the shortcomings of client-side scripts. Older browsers do not support them while new browsers allow its users to disable the scripts. A good practice in web design is to use progressive enhancement that works for everyone without CSS or client-side scripts.

Server-side scripts

Contrary to the client-side scripts, the server-side scripts are executed on the server before the web page is sent to the browser. Users cannot see or read server-side scripts because they only reside on the web server. It is only when requested by the web browser that they execute. What will show up in the web browser is not the script itself but the output which is typically HTML. Server-side scripts are more reliable and accessible than client-side scripts because web users are not allowed to disable the scripts. Anyone who is using a web browser can access HTML without the need to do anything on the browser to make the scripts work. According to some sources, PHP is the most widely used server-side script today.

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