Every year, new web tools and scripts are released and it continues to develop as technology advances. Thanks to open source plugins and free scripts, web developers have more access and control.

WordPress, a CMS platform, is web designers’ and web designers’ top choice when it comes to providing a wide range of free templates, as well as different useful plugins. These are very important in building a website that is not only beautiful but highly functional as well.

If you are looking for the perfect tools and scripts for you, you need not look far. WordPress developers, hold on to your seats. These are the list of free source tools:

• HTML5 BLANK – If you like building your own idea for an e-commerce site like ugly christmas sweaters, this WordPress template which is a free open source is the perfect choice for you. Its HTML template codes are very simple; no wonder web developers prefer this rather than other similar tools. Web developers find that there is no need to create files from scratch using this template when customizing new WordPress themes.

• WordPress Bootstrap – Since the popularity of the Twitter Bootstrap, it has been the focus of web developers especially the new ones. This idea was then merged beautifully with WordPress Bootstrap. WordPress Bootstrap is an open source theme which utilizes the Bootstrap framework. It is built using a theme source called Bones. Most of WordPress Bootstrap’s elements and features come with a default shortcode.

• Roots Theme – This theme is a free WordPress theme that is built using the Twitter Bootstrap. It is basically runs using HTML5 Boilerplate. It is easier to customize and a great alternative to WordPress Bootstrap. By editing roots, even web developers who haven’t used this theme before can learn a lot after a few days. It is a great teaching tool.

• QueryPosts – A great number WordPress documentation can be found using this tool and it is easier to understand. You can even look at sample and the codes. Function names are all in single file, along with the important parameters and the location in the script. This is a recommended website for WordPress developers.