If you are looking for an online product designer then better choose HTML5 Online Product Designer and jQuery rather than Flex. Most of these designer tools are used to create custom designed T-shirts. These t-shirt designer tools are very powerful since it gives the user the ability to create and design their own shorts depending on their preference and style. Since these designer tools are web applications, there are considerations that must be factored in such as the platform used in developing the software. Designers now have the option to choose between flex technologies, a platform that has been in the market for over a century and still used by many, or HTML5 and jQuery. This article will discuss more about the limitations when using Flex compared to the various advantages that both HTML5 and jQuery can offer when it comes to an online product designer tool.

Flex used to be the first and foremost choice when one talks about designer tools but after the development and introduction of HTML5 and jQuery into the market, things have changed. Internet surfing has now entered the era of responsive technology which means flex is less and less used. This is mainly because of the incompatibility of flex when used with mobile hand phones used by the majority. This is where HTML5 and jQuery acquired an important role because they are not only responsive but can be used in any browser in any gadget. Since more and more customers are using mobile these days, the use of flex would be a disadvantage knowing today’s population is more inclined to using mobile when surfing.

Here are other advantages from HTML5 and jQuery that is not available in flex technology:

– SEO Friendly. When it comes to applications that are SEO friendly, HTML5 and jQuery are the best options.

– Security. If you are looking for a secure web application then HTML 5 and jQuery are designed to counter various attacks and threats in their security.

– User interaction. Users with slow internet connections can use HTML5 and jQuery without encountering problems while flex requires high speed connection.

– Element Size. When it comes to size, applications using HTML5 and jQuery use less space.