It is quite common for web designers to receive instructions regarding a webpage design. The instructions usually include the header, font, color, images and animation on the landing page. The web designer must have an idea on his mind on how the website will be designed. He considers all those pieces of instructions and translates them into instructions that the computer will understand.

Every web page is build using a sequence of instructions, one after the other. The code that was used in the webpage will be translated by your browser into something that you will see and understand on your screen. Without the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. code will simply look like a text file. It is when you put the text file into the browser that magic happens.

In the early days of the internet, web developers have to code static sites page by page which took a lot of time and efforts. A lot has changed because there are now programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML is the starting point for new web developers who are creating content for a website. Every webpage is made up of HTML tags that denote the content of every page. HTML is the basic structure of the website but what gives it style, slick colors, interesting fonts and background images is CSS.

CSS is a powerful tool in web design because it creates the mood and tone of the web page. CSS also allows the website to be accessible through different screen sizes and device types. Websites with more complex functionality use the more powerful JavaScript. The programming language is used by web designers for interactive sites. For example, JavaScript is used for the call-to-action boxes that pop on your screens, creation of security password, interactive games and special effects.

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