In an article published by Jayson DeMers entitled “Is SEO dead?” he shares a conversation with the CEO of VUDU Marketing and an expert in the field of SEO, Mr. Sam McRoberts. When the author asked the entrepreneur whether SEO is already dead, he answered with conviction that “SEO is far from dead”. He also added a warning to the market that people should not think of SEO as more of marketing strategy but instead think of it as a branding play. Mr. McRoberts is completely correct in saying that SEO is not dead. In fact, there are lots of companies that use SEO to boost their sales and image brand. Many companies are also giving SEO services.

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There are hundreds of companies that are renewing their commitment into investing with SEO web infrastructure. Here are specific reasons why your company should be investing in SEO:

1. SEO definitely works. The techniques in SEO absolutely are still very functional and helpful. Many are worried that since organic traffic in Google was pulled out recently, SEO is not anymore applicable. Contrary to this belief, the techniques remain genuinely sound. There are myriads of SEO case studies that can verify this.

2. SEO is here to stay. According to market analysts and strategists, SEO is not likely to cease in activity in the foreseeable near future. This is based on the analysis of how search engines are behaving and developing.

3. SEO is very cost effective. Employing SEO for your company is definitely a good investment since it provides a good return on investment (ROI). Other marketing approaches such as social media marketing, PPC advertising or email marketing program will not solidify your online presence as much SEO can do for you.

4. Search engines have a rapidly increasing market share. Approximately 85 percent of customers are now checking online reviews before making a purchase. It will not be long before every one will be searching for products online.